stylish dress book: dress e

From the moment I saw this cover, I knew I had to go and make that dress. It just looks too comfortable to resist!

IMG_3499I got the fabric at a bazar in Kuntstring, Jakarta.

According to the lady-seller, it’s a type of batik from Garut. She sold it for Rp.75,000,- per piece. That’s about 2.5m in length and 1.5m in width. They’re really cute and don’t look like your typical batik.

I made this dress in two sizes: 6 for my skinny friend, and 10 for me….

IMG_4657This dress was harder than I thought. It was my first time doing any gathering and I had a tiny accident with the sleeve (which I attached backwards). Took me two weeks to make the first one (pink one aka mine), and 3 days to complete the blue one. A lot of the details were done using hand-stitch, as I did not own a sewing machine at home (now I do).


I made the pink one following the exact pattern. As a result, I ended up with a dress that was a tad too short to be used as a dress.


I used it once and now it is laying somewhere in my wardrobe. It’s not the most comfortable thing walking around in a short dress in a predominantly Muslim country. I should really do something to lengthen the dress. Any suggestions?

As for the blue one, I learned from my past mistake and added 8 something cm to the pattern.

This is the result.
This is the result. Pardon my crappy collar.

My friend loves her gift. She uses it often. At least one of us is enjoying the dress.


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