stylish party dresses: dress y

I bought this double gauze linen from Swany, a fabric-sewing-diy-craft store in Kamakura, where my husband comes from. I love our yearly visit to Japan, as it gives me the opportunity to touch and admire Nani Iro fabric. And occasionally when the sale season permits, I would buy a meter or two of Nani Iro’s gorgeous double gauze cotton fabric. OMG I’m smiling just thinking about what I am going to buy next month. YES! I’m going back to Japan next month! Whoop whoop!

Ehem, anyhow. Being an incapable pattern-maker means that I get to stock up on my Japanese sewing books collection. This one was the latest publication of Yoshiko Tsukiori’s English books in Indonesia: Stylish Party Dresses. As the name implies, the dresses in this book ranges from semi-casual to formal attire. Being Japanese, the dresses have a comfortable and loose fit. They fall really nicely on the model. Definitely nicer than when I put this dress Y on. With my figure, it looks somewhat like a nightgown (not the sexy kind). In Indonesia, we call these daster.

Y Dress on a slim Japanese model

My version in the making. I added some details with brown embroidery thread to conceal a rather zig-zaggy stitching on the edge.

Lesson learned from Dress Y Project:

  1. Double gauze linen is not very easy to handle. Nowadays I’m using my Mum’s old Toyota sewing machine from the 80s and I’m not sure it is cut out for double-gauze type-of-fabric. It’s either that, or an even older vintage Janome with a dysfunctional bobbin winder.

    This vintage Janome I got from a flea market in Japan. Does not work well with fine fabric…
  2. Everything looks better on the model.

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