that linen fever

Never thought 3 metres of linen could bring such prolonged joy. Got the fabric at Hangzhou Academy of Art for about US$5/m. I thought the price was well worth it. For three meters I managed to make:

ONE. a sort-of culotte. Pattern by Kouda Aoi. Unfortunately the book is only available in English. The title is すっきり見える服.


TWO. a cool child shirt. Pattern by Akiko Mano. Taken from her “Linen, Wool, Cotton Kids” book. Highly recommended for linen-lovers.



3. a baby dress. Pattern is Geranium Dress by MadebyRae. Her baby pattern is free, but if you would like a bigger size, that’s available for purchase. Check out her shop here.


I currently don’t have any kids or babies, but I’m polishing my skills for the future. Does that sound reasonable? Yes? Awesome! I now have a valid answer as to why I am hoarding fabric. Oh, and I still have about half a meter left of the linen. That scrap most probably will be transformed into baby pants.


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