Merchant & Mills Workbook

The first twelve or thirteen something books in my sewing books collection are of Japanese origin. Why? Because the price makes sense. While I do like to spend my time googling and admiring indie pattern designers, I can’t help but think that Japanese pattern books are worth my Rupiahs. The price of one book ranging from 10-20 patterns (complete with a real-size printed ones!!!) is equal to the price one pattern.

I have only bought two patterns to date, one is the Emery Dress by Christine Haynes because I just could not resist not buying it. Although, I still haven’t made the dress yet. God knows when that PDF will transform into paper. I learned that there is no way I am buying another PDF pattern, because I simply am too lazy to print it out. The other pattern is the Alder by Grainline Studio. This time, I ordered a printed version of the pattern. It should be arriving the end of this month via my good friend M who lives in Florida.

And then there is this uber expensive book of patterns from Merchant & Mills in the UK. £25!!!!! TWENTY FIVE POUNDS! For one book. Six sewing patterns. I fell in love with their book design.

This book!

And check out their pattern folder! WOW!

And, the best part of it: the luxurious feeling of having ONE PATTERN PER PAGE!!!

Sorry, I get excited real easy. Since Japanese sewing books are all I’ve touched so far, I was surprised to see Merchant & Mills’ dedication. I mean, one page per pattern? I’m so used to seeing 5 patterns or perhaps more in a page. Loads of squinting and highlighting on my part. As a customer, I just feel so touched by Merchant & Mills’ thoughtfulness.

I was so happy when this book arrived last month. Thanks to my sister who lives in Boston. Yeah, international delivery sucks in Indonesia. Oh, why Boston? Because thankfully I found the book on Amazon US for the price of US$25. That’s a big sale from £25. I’ll take the $$$ sign any day than the expensive £. HOORAH!


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