linen baby rompers

I don’t have kids. Not planning to have any for another two years. But I do love, love, love making children clothing. Is that weird? Well, who cares! Baby clothes consume less fabric than adult clothes, which for me translates into “faster result” and more importantly, “affordable mistakes”. I can (sort-of) tolerate wasting 50 cm of cotton, but a 1.5-2m fabric waste would certainly piss me off.

Anyhow, this project! This sewing-baby-romper project has turned out to be the funnest sewing experience I have had. Thank you so much, OhMotherMineDIY, for providing this free baby romper pattern (clicking will direct you to her website) along with a clear YouTube instruction on how to execute the project. She has many awesome projects, which I will attempt to do in the near future.

It was also a very fun embroidery experience. My husband’s Grandma was an avid embroiderist (is that even a word?). She passed away years ago, leaving behind her stash of needle and threads. Unused by anyone in the family, it got passed down to me. I am ashamed to say that it’s been sleeping in my room in Jakarta for over a year. But now that I’ve had my first taste of embroidery, I am very positive that I will be adding embroidery to my sewing creations whenever I can. The sheep below was my first attempt.


Then came the embroidered pockets!

I made the rompers in two sizes: 3-6 months, and 6-9 months. Both in linen, with cotton as their back facing. The brown one is the smaller size.

Some of you fabric freak might have noticed that I used nani IRO as one of the back facing. I’ve had that fabric scrap laying around for almost two years now (leftover from a not-so-satisfactory shirt), and damn! How happy I was to finally use it on a project I am super satisfied about. Hmm… I wonder how many times will this project be repeated. I sense many coming!


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