teeny baby dress

Our trip to Japan is commencing this Sunday, and one of my husband’s friend just gave birth to a baby girl. So I finally gathered the courage to cut into my treasured nani IRO fabric (yep, the one I got at a discount at Swany in Kamakura).

The pattern used here is from a Japanese sewing book for baby. I couldn’t find it anywhere apart from in Amazon Japan. It has full-size patterns for children ranging from newborn to 1 year old.

This book

I love this book for its full instructions, IN PICTURES!

Here’s the dress in the making!

The fabric used for this project is nani IRO Poppy Trip Deal. Poppy Trip series have 6 different colours, all equally adorable.

Like this random “garlic” pincushion made from Poppy trip Ima scraps.

Before I forgot, here is the end result:



This dress is supposed to fit a baby girl up to 6 months. Now let’s hope my husband got her age right, otherwise I would not be a happy bunny.

And just to brighten up this blog, here is a picture of our mischievous Malamute-Husky mix. I think he wanted me to get off the machine so that I can take him out for a walk. He ain’t too happy about my sewing addiction.




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