earlier projects in 2015

This is a sentimental post where I write about the things I have made in the past. I’ve made many mistakes, mostly because I am foolish enough to cut out S pattern, while I’m in reality a MEDIUM. It’s been two years since my first cut and I still am an M. I guess that miraculous weight loss just ain’t happening without any effort, so I’ve finally come to terms with my weight and am cutting M patterns, or a size 10 in UK terms. I lied, I still opt for a size 8 in Japanese sewing books because their patterns are big and loose. Also, after two years my collar still sucks. But that’s something I am tackling now and I think I am getting a tad tidier.

Anyway, I’m going to stop ranting and without further ado, these are what I made in my first year of sewing. I relied heavily on Yoshiko Tsukiori’s sewing patterns, and being a newbie, no adjustments were made.

The two dresses below come from the same pattern from Yoshiko Tsukiori’s Sew Chic book. It’s the sleeveless dress with front tuck. Both in stamped batik fabric bought in Jogjakarta. Ketchup, the chicken, is half bantam and was the queen bee in our garden. Of course, she was a wild spirited free range hen.

The one below is a not-so-satisfactory shirt. I made it too big and as a result, I don’t use it as often as I should. Quite a big regret since this was my first nani IRO experience.

Pants that are too small. Dress that makes me look pregnant.

Floral dress with the crappiest collar you could ever imagine. Thankfully it’s in dark-colour, so people can’t really tell from afar. Hemp pants I made for my husband. Correction: the ONLY thing I’ve made for him. Why don’t these pattern makers make adult male patterns???? And baby pants made out of scraps. I’m forever grateful for this free baby pants pattern from MadeByRae. It enables me to utilize whatever scraps is left. No more waste!!!

Two dresses I made for my very-supportive friend. The pink one comes from Yoshiko Tsukiori’s book, the floral shirt dress is a French pattern from Un Ete Couture. I’ve made three dresses for her to date, more coming.

And last, but not least.

The dress I definitely DID NOT make, but wish I could make.

Ha! Just wanted to show off this beautiful blue dress I got from COS in Sweden. Maybe I’ll be able to make something like that… in 3 years time.


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