chemisier berthe (aka french sleeveless shirt)

This pattern comes from Un Ete Couture, a French sewing book that is so imbued with everything that I love about French fashion. And that, for me, is an amalgam of many things. The way Parisian dresses up is… girly but not overly. Feminine but playful. Simple, yet detailed. I could see myself running around in a park chasing some imaginary butterfly in any of the dresses featured in the book, then proceed to have a nice evening meal with wine and giggle throughout dinner just feeling like a prissy princess. Un Ete Couture features timeless pieces, with a much considerably better fit than the comfortable muumuu dresses its Japanese alternative usually offer. I will do a book review in due time, but for now let me brag about this top I finished just in time for me trip to Japan: Chemisier Berthe in M size, in swiss dot fabric.

Testing the top before sewing the buttons
Testing the top before sewing the buttons

Wood buttons are cheap where I come from, and they look lovely. I went to market and purchased three different sizes, ended up using the smallest one.

And here’s the end result!


I’m going to make more of this top, in various colours and fabric. Though I would personally lengthen the top by 13 cm. Why? Because 13 is my favorite number and that’s usually the number I use to lengthen anything. If you use the pattern as it is, you will end up with a top that hangs on top of your bellybutton. I prefer to wear longer tops that cover my belly because I don’t own many bottoms that go above the bellybutton. In any case, this is a fun top to make and should not take you more than half a day to make.

Stay tuned for more chemisier berthe (in the future)! 😉


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