nani iro original pattern in (obviously) nani iro

This dress is based on Nani Iro original pattern, available via their original website. Everything is in Japanese though, so purchasing could be a little tough.

This pattern

For 1,000 yen, I got one pattern that could be transformed into a shirt, tunic and a dress. Way more expensive than buying one of those Japanese sewing books that come at similar price with at least a dozen different patterns included. But, who am I to argue about pricing with the fabric goddess who is responsible for producing such beautiful fabric?

Also comes with pretty clear-cut instructions. In Japanese only.

This is the first dress I made using this pattern, in Nani Iro double gauze. There will be should be two more dresses coming up in the same pattern this coming November. Christmas is coming and my plan so far is to give out handmade dresses. Fingers crossed.

The fabric

This fabric is part of a collection named Five Sense, and this particular one is The Earth. It reminds me of Bizen pottery from Okayama.

This is an example of Bizen-yaki. Photo taken from

Very simple, yet very beautiful. Earthy colour in large brushstrokes. Bizen is one of my favourite style of pottery in Japan. So when I saw this fabric available online, I knew I had to have it. Bought 2 meters of it, but actually you will only need 1.8 m to make this dress. I have extra fabric unused from the length I bought.

So here it is, the bizen dress.

Left the writing on the bottom. Some tags are worth to preserve.

Forgive the messy overlock stitches. This was day two of owning an overlocker. Any tips on how to become better?

Added an embroidered cat. The first tag I’ve ever made!

And here’s the final product!



Mighty pleased with the result! I’m tapping myself on the shoulder now. Woohoo!



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