Monpe Pants Obsession

So I saw this awesome pants on verypurpleperson Instagram. If you’ve never seen her blog or stalked her IG, I suggest you do so. She sews amazing things.

Back to the pants! By awesome, I mean AWESOME!!!! They just look so stylishly comfortable. Like a fashionable pyjama. Sort-of. The timing of this pants discovery was quite annoying, as we had just gotten back from Japan like a few weeks ago. There was no chance I could get my hands on this pattern until my next trip to Japan. Or so I thought. Thankfully my husband’s friend decided last minute to come visit Indonesia. Thus, we sent the pattern to her house.


The Monpe (so it is called) pattern comes in 3 sizes: Slim, Normal and Wide. So far I’ve made two sizes. The first one was a Slim one in khaki-coloured linen. Why Slim? Because I underestimated my fat. ¬†Originally I made it for my husband’s Christmas present, but in the end I gave it to the skinniest friend we had.

And it looks good on her
And it looks good on her

I made the second pants in Wide size, in dark brown linen, and it turned out a tad too big for my husband…. But it’s still comfortable and they look pretty good on both of us. I think?

It was also around this time too that I received a gift from a fellow enthusiast I met on Instagram. She sent me a package of beautiful FujiX threads.



I’m just showing off how beautiful they are. I don’t think I could sew without these colourful threads anymore. Mental note to self: Buy heaps of them on your next trip to Japan. I also hand embroidered a tomato for my husband’s tag.


I did not make any alteration, aside from the pockets. The slim pants have two pockets, while the second one adhered to the pattern and only have one pocket. You can get the pattern at Monpe’s website here.

I love the pattern so much, I already have plans for a third one. This time, in Normal size.


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