nani iro original pattern in (obviously) nani iro

This dress is based on Nani Iro original pattern, available via their original website. Everything is in Japanese though, so purchasing could be a little tough. For 1,000 yen, I got one pattern that could be transformed into a shirt, tunic and a dress. Way more expensive than buying one of those Japanese sewing books… Continue reading nani iro original pattern in (obviously) nani iro

earlier projects in 2015

This is a sentimental post where I write about the things I have made in the past. I’ve made many mistakes, mostly because I am foolish enough to cut out S pattern, while I’m in reality a MEDIUM. It’s been two years since my first cut and I still am an M. I guess that… Continue reading earlier projects in 2015

stylish party dresses: dress y

I bought this double gauze linen from Swany, a fabric-sewing-diy-craft store in Kamakura, where my husband comes from. I love our yearly visit to Japan, as it gives me the opportunity to touch and admire Nani Iro fabric. And occasionally when the sale season permits, I would buy a meter or two of Nani Iro’s gorgeous… Continue reading stylish party dresses: dress y

stylish dress book: dress e

From the moment I saw this cover, I knew I had to go and make that dress. It just looks too comfortable to resist! I got the fabric at a bazar in Kuntstring, Jakarta. According to the lady-seller, it’s a type of batik from Garut. She sold it for Rp.75,000,- per piece. That’s about 2.5m in… Continue reading stylish dress book: dress e