linen baby rompers

I don’t have kids. Not planning to have any for another two years. But I do love, love, love making children clothing. Is that weird? Well, who cares! Baby clothes consume less fabric than adult clothes, which for me translates into “faster result” and more importantly, “affordable mistakes”. I can (sort-of) tolerate wasting 50 cm of cotton, but… Continue reading linen baby rompers

Merchant & Mills Workbook

The first twelve or thirteen something books in my sewing books collection are of Japanese origin. Why? Because the price makes sense. While I do like to spend my time googling and admiring indie pattern designers, I can’t help but think that Japanese pattern books are worth my Rupiahs. The price of one book ranging… Continue reading Merchant & Mills Workbook

stylish party dresses: dress y

I bought this double gauze linen from Swany, a fabric-sewing-diy-craft store in Kamakura, where my husband comes from. I love our yearly visit to Japan, as it gives me the opportunity to touch and admire Nani Iro fabric. And occasionally when the sale season permits, I would buy a meter or two of Nani Iro’s gorgeous… Continue reading stylish party dresses: dress y

that linen fever

Never thought 3 metres of linen could bring such prolonged joy. Got the fabric at Hangzhou Academy of Art for about US$5/m. I thought the price was well worth it. For three meters I managed to make: ONE. a sort-of culotte. Pattern by Kouda Aoi. Unfortunately the book is only available in English. The title is すっきり見える服.… Continue reading that linen fever

stylish dress book: dress e

From the moment I saw this cover, I knew I had to go and make that dress. It just looks too comfortable to resist! I got the fabric at a bazar in Kuntstring, Jakarta. According to the lady-seller, it’s a type of batik from Garut. She sold it for Rp.75,000,- per piece. That’s about 2.5m in… Continue reading stylish dress book: dress e